A visiting skunk said to Sue

Watch out, I’ll pee on your shoe.

Said Sue with a wail,

“I’ll cut off your tail.”

and make sure the dogs have a chew.”


A wombat was passing by Bonnie,

She thought its name might be Johnny,

Said wombat to she,

"I am not who you see,

And really, my name should be Connie.”

Janice Konstantinidis

Said Billy the wasp to a flea,

“i think you’d taste nice in my tea.”

The flea said to Billy,

In a voice that was quite shrilly,

“I don’t think I really agree."


A crocodile crossing the Nile,

stopped as he swam, with a smile,

The pharaoh he’d chewed

was really quite rude,

the croc thought the meal quite