Janice Konstantinidis

First Place

I am a writer, a poet, photographer, with a love of gardening, knitting, reading, life, movies, my dogs and so the list goes on.

I am currently writing my memoir. I am a member of a group of people known as "The Forgotten Australians." We were all subjected to harsh and cruel treatment while in institutions as children.

My memoir is about my life as an abused child, as 'A Forgotten Australian,' and as a young mother who had my baby forcibly stolen from me.

It is also about my journey to find peace and happiness.

I would like to dedicate any writing about the neglect and abuse of me as a child, to all the children who aren't here today because they died at the hands of their abusers, directly or indirectly. To those who are unable to tell their story because of their inability to speak out, those who to this day, feel they have no voice. 

To be a parent is a privilege. To neglect a or abuse a child is to destroy or impede life lived to the full.

I am also writing a book of limericks, poetry and short stories,

 My sense of humor is a reason why I am still alive.

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